gina krieb
creative. maker. builder. problem-solver. learner.

Hi, I'm Gina. I'm a software engineer, photographer, and DIY powerhouse currently living in Chicago with my wife and our 3 cats. My goals in life are simple: lead with empathy and compassion, be authentic, celebrate the small wins as well as the big ones, continue to learn and grow.

Before I started my career as a software engineer, I worked as an educator and a carpenter (among other things). This all happened after I received a couple of degrees from the University of Iowa. While I was there, I wrote and directed a film called The Serial Slasher. You've seen it, right?

I'm a long time vegan and advocate for animal rights. I'm a Murder, She Wrote enthusiast and an honorary resident of Cabot Cove, Maine. Paris tops my list of must-visit destinations. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch a baseball game. I'm on a mission to make the perfect pancake. When I play pinball, I'm one with the machine.


sketch of gina